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Unlock your stream’s full potential with Extensions, now on Twitch mobile apps

Mar 21 2018 - By Cheri Saito

Extensions are like Batman’s utility belt, but, you know, the streamer version. They can do pretty much anything, like display leaderboards, create polls, show your game’s match history and loadouts, and tons more. But one thing they couldn’t do is work their magic on mobile… until today!

Since Extensions launched just six months ago, viewers have interacted with them over 1.5 billion times on desktop. They’re designed to give you and your community new ways to interact, and we’re thrilled to see that’s exactly what you’re doing. But they can always be better, so after we gathered your feedback we went straight after one of your most highly requested features: mobile support on Twitch’s iOS and Android apps.

With Extensions now on mobile, none of your viewers will be left out of the conversation when they watch your streams at the park or on the train. Whatever features, leaderboards, and other tools you like can be available for anyone, anywhere.

Not every Extension will automatically be mobile ready. Developers can choose to make theirs mobile friendly, and you can expect that many of them will. But if you can’t wait to test them out on your own channel, here are some popular Extensions that are ready to go on iOS and Android right now through the Extension Manager:

More and more Extensions are coming every month, and as always, we need your feedback to make them the best they can be. If you haven’t tried them out yet, head to the Extension Manager to get started.

Note: Extensions can only be seen in the Twitch App version 6.0 or higher — so make sure to update your app today!

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