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Introducing the Twitch developer rig to help you get started with Extensions

Mar 21 2018 - By Greg Smith

Update: Since the publishing of this blog, we unveiled the beta build of a new Native Developer Rig, a rebuilt version of the Rig focused on usability, stability and speed. Visit our Forum post for more information and where to download the new Rig.

Since the launch of Extensions, we’ve seen many creative examples that enhance the Twitch viewing experience from visualizing real-time game data to controlling Internet of Things devices.

The mission of the Twitch Developers team is to empower our community to build valuable experiences that delight creators and viewers. Your feedback is a critical part of our development process. We’ve heard that getting started with extensions can be tricky and it’s not easy to test your extension while in development. We’re releasing the first version of the developer rig to help you tackle these challenges.

The developer rig is a web app that will enable you to test an extension locally against production APIs across a variety of views and roles (e.g. the broadcaster live view). It also lets you quickly get started with Extensions by pulling down the new “Hello World” sample code, including a basic backend scaffold, and iterate on your extension so that you can completely focus on building a great experience for creators and viewers. You can also add additional views and customize the resolution to fit your development needs.

This release is just the beginning. We will continue to improve the rig in the coming weeks and months. Keep your eye on our RFCs (Request For Comments) to provide input on the second wave of functionality.

We view this as a collaborative project with the Twitch Developer community. As a result, we have open sourced the rig on Github. If you have an idea to improve the rig or our code samples, we invite you to post on the Extensions forum. We’ll also take pull requests from the community in the near future — stay tuned for guidance on this process.

Get the developer rig, read the docs, and give it a try!UPDATE!

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