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Can’t decide which extension to use? Now you don’t have to.

Jun 19 2018 - By Cheri Saito

Since we launched extensions last year, you’ve been asking for one update above all else: the option to use more than one video extension on your stream at a time. Today we’re excited to make that happen, along with a few other great improvements we’ll get to in just a second.

Yes, extensions can enhance your games and other streamed content, but some of them are just so useful all the time that you never wanted to power them down. We definitely get it. So now, you’ll be able to have up to three video extensions running at the same time. Combine that with up to three panel extensions running below your video, and that brings the grand total up to *mathematical symbols fly in front of our faces* SIX extensions, all at once.

A quick note: some full overlay extensions, like the Innkeeper Interactive Overlay for Hearthstone, still require the full real estate of your video player to function. But you can also use smaller “component extensions” that take up less space on your stream. You can check out a few new and noteworthy ones here.

Whether you’re new to extensions or a long-time fan, come check out the new Extension Manager, which just received a bit of Spring cleaning. Now, with featured extensions at the top, and with easy to browse categories for Games, Streamer Tools, Music, and more, it’s so much easier to find what you’re looking for — or to find the tool you didn’t even know you needed. We’ve also introduced a “Partner Picks” section where we’ll feature some of your favorite streamers’ recommended extensions, starting with our friend GoldGlove.

Extensions are getting better, more varied, and more interactive, and much of that is thanks to your continued feedback. If you have an idea for an extension you’d like to see, you can connect with developers looking to build them right here. And if you’re a developer looking to build an extension with us, here’s where you should start.

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