Dec 13, 2017 - By Robert Busey

Twitch Prime members get early access and in-game loot in Closers!

Starting today, December 14th, Twitch Prime members in the US can get early access with special in-game items for Closers, an upcoming free-to-play MMORPG from the folks at En Masse! If you’re not a Twitch Prime member, you can sign up for a free trial at

To tell you more about all the awesome stuff you can get, here’s Stefan Ramirez from En Masse!

Hello, everyone! My name is Stefan “Cochese” Ramirez and I’m the Product Manager for Closers here at En Masse. I’m very excited to announce our collaboration with Twitch Prime to bring early access — with some special in-game items — to all you future Closers out there!

If you don’t know about Closers, think MMORPG + Anime + PVP + Raids + Story + COMBOS + too much to write here. To me, this game has the fun, action beat-em-up feel (think TMNT: Turtles in Time — yes I am old!), with the depth of an MMO, all combined with a deep story (K-Drama style), that is detailed for each of the five different characters! (More on the way too — shhhh, let’s keep that just between us for now).

There is so much to do and explore in New Seoul, so pick your Closer and get to closing those interdimensional planetary gates. That makes me think of that Beastie Boys song…I digress.

We’re stoked to outfit you with early access and some slick new gear!* Starting on December 14th through December 31st, you’ll be able to get the following bundle:

· Early access through Dec 18th (after which, beta will be open to everyone)

· Twitch T-shirt

· Title “Twitch Prime Closer”

· Sunglasses in dat sweet purple!

· Poster for your Room

· 5 Mystery Boxes

Claiming Instructions:

Once the offer is live on Thursday, December 14th, be sure to follow these instructions to claim your loot:

  1. Claim your code by logging on to, clicking on the Crown notification and selecting the Closers offer.

  2. Then, head over to and log into your Amazon Prime account. Head to the item called Closers: Twitch Prime Closer Bundle [Instant Access] and click “Buy now.”

  3. If you have an existing En Masse account click the “Link existing account” button, or if you need to create a new En Masse account, click the “Create and link account” button and follow the instructions in the pop-up.

  4. On the next screen enter the Twitch Prime code into the Gift codes & promotions box and click “Apply”

  5. Click “Complete Purchase” to receive Closers: Twitch Prime Closer Bundle for free!

  6. Click “Run now” to go to and download Closers.

  7. To claim the special items, log all the way in to your character, hit “I” for inventory, then on the lower left click on the EMP Store Delivery Box.

  8. Success!

We’re all big fans of Twitch and all the good things that streamers are doing for the gaming community. And our entire team, both here at En Masse and at our developer Naddic Games, loved making these items to share with all of you!

Enjoy your early access to Closers: Gear Up — Claim Your Goodies — Fight the Good Fight!


*Anyone in the US can purchase the Closers: Twitch Prime Closer Bundle [Instant Access], but Twitch Prime members will get it at no-cost as part of their membership.

What is Twitch Prime?

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